10 Reasons Why Prague is a Good City to Live In as a Digital Nomad

10 Reasons Why Prague is a Good City to Live In as a Digital Nomad

In a previous article, we thoroughly described the application process to get a Digital Nomad Visa in the Czech Republic. Although this visa can be used to live anywhere in the country, most foreigners choose to be based in Prague. No wonder – there are many reasons why you’ll want to live in Prague as a digital nomad. Find them out here!

10 reasons to live in Prague as a digital nomad

1. Prague’s beauty

Prague’s old town is hands down one of the most charming across Europe. The city has often been ranked among the most beautiful cities in the world. But Prague is much more than just the historical town! From its magnificent historic buildings in neighborhoods such as Vinohrady or Malá Strana, to its lush parks and gardens, you’ll never get tired of going for a walk around the city. Prague is definitely a place you’ll feel lucky to live in.

2. Low cost of living

Although prices have rocketed in the past few years, Prague remains one of the cheapest cities to live in Europe (especially if you have foreign income, as most digital nomads do). To get an idea of how much things cost in Prague, we suggest you check out our Cost of Living in Prague Guide, where you’ll find more information about housing, food, transport and entertainment prices, among other things.

3. Safety

Prague is one of the safest cities to live in Europe. The crime rate is low and walking alone at night isn’t dangerous. If you’re a woman traveling alone and you’re wondering whether or not Prague might be a good place to go on your own, we can guarantee that there’s a 99% chance you won’t run into any safety issues.

4. Variety of recreational activities

There’s no way to be bored in Prague! The capital offers a wide range of leisure activities to suit all tastes and ages. With tons of museums, parks and bars to choose from, rest assured you’ll find something to do in your free time. On top of that, many events are organized every week, such as live concerts or food truck festivals. We recommend following Facebook pages like Prague Today to stay abreast of what’s happening in Prague. And if you like hiking, there are many hiking trails close to Prague that are easily accessible by public transport.


5. The language is not a barrier

The above statement might not always be true, but we can guarantee that in the vast majority of cases you’ll survive even if you don’t speak a word of Czech. In the last few years, the city has welcomed an increasing number of expats, foreigners and digital nomads, so Czech citizens living in Prague are getting used to speaking English, especially the youngest generations. You’ll be able to get by in English in your day-to-day life without a problem. Nonetheless, here’s a very useful sentence you should learn in Czech: pivo, prosím! (one beer, please!)

6. Cheap beer

If the previous reasons to live in Prague have failed to convince you, then this one might be the push you need to make up your mind about moving in. The country produces high-quality beer, which is also very cheap (around 45 CZK for 0.5L) . So if you’re a beer lover, Prague will make you feel like you’re in paradise. But if you’re more of a wine person, no sweat! The Southeastern region of Moravia is well-known for its cellars, vineyards and wine production. And you can taste them in the various vinotékas that are spread all around Prague.

7. Easy to travel around

Prague’s conveniently located in Central Europe (don’t you ever say Prague is in Eastern Europe in front of a Czech person if you want to make friends), which makes it extremely easy to travel around. There are lots of cheap train and bus connections to nearby countries, such as Germany, Austria, Slovakia or Poland. So if your goal is to explore Europe, Prague is definitely one of the best locations to be based in.

8. Expat community

The city attracts not only digital nomads, but also many foreigners who come work for multinational companies (you’d be surprised to learn how many are based in Prague), or even people who wish to become freelancers in the Czech Republic thanks to the tax benefits that the Czech system offers. One thing is certain – meeting other expats in Prague will be a breeze. We recommend joining Facebook groups such as Expats in Prague, where you’ll be able to connect with many like-minded individuals in the city.

9. Pet-friendly

You won’t find many cities in Europe that are as pet-friendly as Prague is. Dogs can travel for free in public transport inside the Prague city limits. They’re allowed in most restaurants and bars, too. So if your four-legged friend is traveling with you, rest assured that bringing it to Prague won’t cause you any trouble!

10. Coworking spaces

A good place to work and focus with reliable WiFi connection – that’s something most digital nomads search for when they go abroad. Coworking space options in Prague are plenty, so you have nothing to worry about. If other than finding a nice work environment, you’re also looking to meet people, then Locus Workspace stands out among any other shared office in Prague. Located in the Vinohrady neighborhood, popular among expats, it has members from more than 20 different nationalities and it’s designed mostly for freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

Living and working in Prague for a month as a digital nomad

If you’d like to experience the city as a digital nomad, we recommend taking a look at Nomad Month programs. Nomad Month organizes work retreats in Prague for digital nomads and remote workers. You’ll get to experience the city like a local while traveling with a diverse community from around the globe. Accommodation and coworking space is provided by Nomad Month, so you can forget the hassle of doing all that research yourself.

As you can see, Prague offers many benefits to digital nomads and other remote workers. So it’s definitely worth giving it a try!

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