At Locus Workspace, community isn't just a concept – it's our soul.

We cherish the moments of laughter shared over morning coffee, the bonds formed during discussions at lunch, and the friendships that extend beyond office walls. Here, it’s not just about where you work, but who you work alongside. Our space is a melting pot of personalities, passions, and stories, where every member is valued for the unique perspective they bring. Join us, and experience the warmth of genuine connections that make every day at Locus feel like coming home.

With an international yet local community of members from about 25 countries, and English as our language of communication, Locus helps those who are new to Prague—or to the Czech Republic—quickly “go local”.

For Czechs who lived abroad (or who want to), Locus is the perfect venue to connect with an international community of entrepreneurs and freelancers, or just to practice your English.

Most importantly, it is the members themselves that give Locus—hands down—the strongest sense of community of any coworking space in the Czech Republic.

Locus members come from all over the world…

… and work in all kinds of fields

  • Software Developers
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Translators
  • Writers
  • Project Managers
Top 10
at Locus
  • Cybersecurity
  • E-commerce
  • Artists
  • Researchers
  • Business Consultants

We interviewed one of our newest members

Meet Drahomira! Locus - Flag

Meet one of our newest members, Drahomira Rezkova! She’s a translator, interpreter, and subtitler (Czech, English, French) and has worked for clients of the likes of Netflix!

Read the interview