How Sociability Impacts Productivity

How Sociability Impacts Productivity

If you have been keeping up with our blog, you might’ve come across our post about “Advantages & disadvantages of freelancing”. Some of the benefits include flexibility, independence, the potential for growth, and being your own boss. However, it’s not all coffee and working in pajamas. There certainly are cons, one of the largest being isolation. Lacking the coworker interaction that comes with the traditional office environment can be quite the drawback. In this blog post, we decided to dive a bit deeper into how sociability impacts productivity, specifically for freelancers.

Sometimes it’s easier to focus with complete silence around me, but long-term I get a feeling of isolation that doesn’t make me feel good at all. Drahomira Rezkova, a member of Locus

The struggle of solitude

As humans, we are social creatures and require a certain amount of social interaction in order to live a happy and fulfilling life. If this interaction is lacking, it can even damage one’s professional life, as isolation often leads to a lack of drive. The onset of a global pandemic definitely doesn’t help this situation as it forced many freelancers to work primarily from home. But what does that mean for their productivity? While working from home can be liberating, since the space can be as comfortable as one wants it to be, it can also be isolating. But how does isolation impact the productivity of freelancers? According to a Cigna study, lonely workers are less productive, less engaged, and 5 times more likely to miss work or deadlines. In addition, one in five remote workers in 2020 stated that loneliness was their biggest struggle.

Working alone can be depressing for me. If you’re alone within four walls it’s almost like you’re in jail, there’s no changes  in environment and interactions. Kyrylo Berukov, a member of Locus

The power of sociability

Luckily, after a lengthy lock-down period in Prague, we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Workers are no longer confined to their homes and are free to work and socialize in their office environments. As you might expect, sociability has quite a positive impact on one’s productivity! When it comes to traditional companies, those that foster a culture of sociability and building strong bonds between its employees boast higher output and employee engagement.

The coworking solution

But what about freelancers? The socialization opportunities and outlets at traditional workplaces are unavailable to solo workers. The profession can be quite solitary with few opportunities for spontaneous interactions. Luckily, there is a solution for this. A solution in the form of a new environment that aims to solve the issue of freelancer isolation while still facilitating their productivity. That solution, of course, is the coworking space. A coworking space provides essential infrastructure to its members who lack a traditional office but, just as necessary, allows them to be surrounded by and socialize with like-minded, driven individuals. The opportunity for socializing allows the freelancers to take a break from their work, without the risk of losing focus associated with home offices. When everyone around you is engrossed in their work, you feel motivated to keep pace and be just as productive.

Silence is good for focus but sometimes you need to go speak with someone to break up the monotony.  Drahomira Rezkova, a member of Locus
I like meeting people by the coffee machine in the morning and interacting with them. It creates a little mental refreshment for me. Fredrik Öberg, a member of Locus

Besides allowing the members to chat with someone by the water cooler, the environment of a workspace provides the members with opportunities for networking and career growth. And as a meeting point for creative, and motivated individuals, how could it not? Industrious people brought together by a stroke of luck could lead to the beginnings of truly amazing things.

Interacting with some people who are specialists in their field can get you useful insights that you can implement in your business and even your life. Kyrylo Berukov, a member of Locus

Finally, the convenient thing about coworking space socialization is its informality. The interactions are relaxed and natural, no office politics. Each member is allowed to tailor the amount of socialization to facilitate their productivity. Be it a handshake in passing or a passionate conversation about your latest project, the environment of a coworking space allows for it all.

I like coming here and the fact that there’s not any sort of office politics. David Creighton, a member of Locus

So are you a freelancer tired of your home office? Maybe some non-obliged sociability is just the spice you need for your productivity to flourish. Either way, you won’t know until you try! Luckily, you can sign up for a free day here at Locus and let relaxed interactions get your creative/productive juices flowing. It is all just one click away. Happy coworking!

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