Intern Profile: Julie Cantrel

Intern Profile: Julie Cantrel

Hometown: Hersin-Coupigny, France

After getting a high school degree in Economics, Julie decided to enroll in a business school in the North of France (ISCID-CO) to study International Marketing and E-Business. She got her Bachelor’s degree with Honours and pursued her studies in the same area to get a Master’s degree. She has never worked in a coworking space before but she is very interested in discovering how it works and really enjoys cross-cultural environments.

Occupation: Intern/Student

Field of Study: International Marketing and E-Business

Why did you decide to study International Marketing and e-Business?
I have always wanted to study something related to languages or with an international dimension. When I was in my final year in high school, I talked with a girl who was studying marketing. She explained to me what she was doing at school and I realised it was what I wanted to study. Therefore I started to look for international business schools so I could both improve my language skills and study marketing. I found my school thanks to an article in a local newspaper, I went there for a tour and immediately decided to give them my application form. It turned out that they propose a Master’s degree in International Marketing and e-Business, which was perfect for me because I am also interested in new technologies and webmarketing.

Why did you decide to intern at Locus?
I found Locus’s traineeship offer on a website specialized for Erasmus internships. I decided to apply because it gathers two things I like: being in contact with people and managing social media and events.

What are some of your goals for this internship?
The main goal of this internship is getting the opportunity to work in a pleasant and cross-cultural environment, learning more about new approaches to work (freelance, remote work, digital nomadism, etc.) and strengthening my web marketing skills.

What kind of responsibilities do you have as Community and Event Manager? 
First, we have to make sure that the space looks nice and is welcoming and that members have what they need at their disposal. When people are interested in becoming a Locus member, they can come for a tour and a free day within the space and it’s the manager’s responsibility to ensure people are enjoying their time at Locus. Moreover, we organize weekly and monthly events to animate the community, to know one another a bit better and to have good moments together.

Did you already have an idea of what a coworking space was before you joined Locus?
I had some idea about what a coworking space could be, but I had to do some research to make sure I was not mistaken! Working from a coworking space offers lots of benefits: a nice and quiet environment to focus on your tasks and a sense of community which is crucial from my point of view.

How do you fit in at Locus?
There is always something to be done at Locus so you never get bored! Some days are quieter than others thus we have more time to write articles or design great social media posts.

What are the benefits of interning at Locus?
Working at Locus helps you overcome shyness and become pro-active. After few weeks within the space you are able to anticipate members’ needs. As written on the main door, it’s a “Hate Free Zone” so everyone is free to express themselves and has both something to offer and learn.

What is your favorite part about Locus and why?
I really enjoy the spontaneity. When some members suddenly stand up and improvise a coffee break or go and have lunch together. In these moments you can feel the sense of community and I love it. I also like the diversity, how each one is different but we are all working next to each other in the end. In most cases, members are willing to chat while drinking a cup of coffee and it’s very pleasant.

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