How to find events when you’re new in Prague

How to find events when you’re new in Prague

Moving to a new town, it’s always exciting, but it can also be challenging if you’re doing it all by yourself for the first time. More often than not, you can’t count on welcoming flatmates or old friends who moved to the same city in the past, sometimes you have to find your own way to socialize in a new town.

The good news is that Prague is a young, vibrant and international city in which you can find all kind of events.

Do you remember that time that you wanted to go to a Bossa Nova concert or to a Stand Up Comedy show and none was interested? Now you have the chance to attend one of these events by yourself and get the chance to meet someone new with your same interests!

Here you can find some tips that you can use in your new life in Prague:

Create your account on Meetup: selecting your interests on the platform, you will find a wide range of events in Prague that match with them. In particular, you can find interesting some of this meetup groups: Locus FUN STUFF in Prague, Freelancers & Digital Nomads in Prague, or Expats & Travelers in Prague

if you’re a sociable person with a passion for gastronomy you can also use Eatwith, which is a platform where you can have a dinner at someone’s house (most of the time they are professional chefs) with some other curious guests like you.

Stay updated with the new events in town giving a like to all Facebook and Instagram pages that promote events all in Prague, such as OhMyPrague, Warehouse Entertainment or PragueToday

If you like meeting new people from other countries, you can create an account also on Couchsurfing in which you can find weekly international events with people from all over the world.

If you work remotely, it could be very helpful for your social life to find an English-speaking space to share with an international group of people who have your same lifestyle. In the central area of Vinohrady, you can find Locus Workspace. Whereas in Prague 7, you can go to Coffice, a cozy bar for casual work. In both places you can enjoy free coffee and tea if you are Locus members and take part in their events outside the working hours, such as pub nights, weekly social lunches, but also concerts or karaoke that you can find on their facebook pages: Locus Workspace and Coffice Prague

Your first months in a new town can be the worst, you may feel the urge to get back to that good old comfort zone that you were so proud to have left behind, but stop thinking about the past and focus on your future.

So, don’t be diffident towards strangers (even though your parents taught you the opposite) and try to learn the basics of the Czech language, locals do really appreciate it, but you’ll be fine speaking just English.

Get lost in the narrow streets of the Old Town, or enjoy the sunset (or the sunrise) on the Charles Bridge. Prague is also well known for its jazz music scene: you can watch a concert in one of the many Jazz Clubs such as Jazz Dock, aghaRTA Club, Jazz Republic or you can also sail on the Jazz Boat where you can enjoy jazz music from the Moldava’s waters.

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